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Fast Cash for Fast Growth: Exploring the Power of Short Term Bridging Finance

Updated: Apr 10

short term bridging loans

Bridging loans offer individuals and businesses a swift and flexible solution to bridge financial gaps. They are a powerful tool used across a range of industries so that you never miss a business opportunity, or the chance to get the property you always wanted.

Find out here what bridging finance is and how they benefit investment opportunities.

Understanding Short Term Bridging Loans in the UK

In a nutshell - short-term bridging finance loans are designed to provide financing with a quick turnaround, so that those requiring immediate finances are covered.

In an array of situations, like buying a house at auction where you don't have time to obtain a mortgage, short-term bridging loans will cover you until you get the mortgage ensuring you don't miss out on your desired property. 

Unlike traditional loans with lengthy approval processes, short-term bridging finance loans provide a streamlined process that cater to the urgency of your financial needs.

3 Key Characteristics of Bridging Finance Loans

Speed and Efficiency

Short-term bridging loans are renowned for their efficiency. 

Allowing borrowers to access funds in a matter of days, the rapid turnaround of a bridging loan is beneficial for those navigating time sensitive property transactions. This is due to the fact that delays could ultimately result in missed opportunities.


Bridging loans exhibit a high degree of flexibility, allowing for customisation of terms and conditions to suit the borrowers. This flexibility allows you to customise repayment plans to align them with your financial circumstances.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of short-term bridging loans extends across various sectors. From facilitating real estate development and property transactions to supporting small business expansions, this form of financing caters to the unique needs of a range of industries.

The Benefits of Short Term Bridging Finance Loans

The speed and flexibility of short-term bridging finance loans empower borrowers to seize opportunities that they might otherwise have missed. Whether acquiring a property in a competitive market or capitalising on time sensitive investment prospects, these loans enable swift action.

Another key benefit is the fact that these loans are secured against assets, meaning that those in the UK with less than ideal credit scores may find short term bridging finance loans to be a viable option. 

Since the loan is secured against an asset, lenders may be more willing to extend financing to those with credit challenges. Then, successfully repaying a short-term bridging loan can contribute to credit score improvement over time making it easy to rehabilitate the borrower's credit score.

Short term bridging loans can also serve as a bridge to long term financing. Whether you are awaiting approval for a traditional loan or finalising a larger investment, the funds provided by a short term bridging finance loan ensures that financial obligations are met without disrupting business plans.

When You Can Use Bridging Finance Loans 

Short term bridging finance loans are used across a variety of sectors for a range of financial scenarios. 

However, it's important for borrowers to consider their specific needs and financial circumstances when opting for short term bridging loans, ensuring that this financing solution aligns with their repayment capabilities. Below are some common uses of bridging finance loans:

  • Property Purchase & Development 

  • Auction Purchases

  • Renovations & Refurbishments

  • Business Cash Flow

  • Bridge to Long Term Financing

Before You Take out a Bridging Finance Loan

Understand the Terms - Thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions of the bridging loan. Pay attention to interest rates, repayment schedules, fees, and any specific requirements.

Have a Repayment Plan - Develop a robust exit strategy from the outset. Whether it's selling a property, securing long-term financing, or another predetermined method, a clear plan for repaying the loan is crucial.

Budget Effectively - Create a detailed budget outlining how you will use the loan funds and allocate resources for repayment. Ensure that your budget is realistic and accommodates all associated costs, including interest and fees.

Before You Go…

To find out more about how MS Lending Group offers personal and commercial short term bridging finance, get in touch with us today.

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