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MS Lending Group completes £5.4m deal in less than four weeks from enquiry

Working with the brokerage arm of The Harrogate Group - which provides finance solutions for the real estate sector and originated and advised on the deal - the client was seeking to raise capital across 14 unencumbered properties in order to purchase further properties to add to their portfolio. The clients had committed to purchasing the assets however with completion looming were uncertain their initial lender could complete on time.

Completing on the 31st August, MS Lending Group was able to use two existing valuation reports which enabled the client to move quickly and forward with their onward purchases. This saved the client both time, and thousands of pounds in new valuation fees.

Faisal Arif, chief executive officer of The Harrogate Group, said: "Our brief was to source funding quickly so our client, who has a substantial existing portfolio, could acquire a £14m residential and commercial property portfolio in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We were able to deliver this inside a month, thanks to our collaboration with MS Lending Group, who acted swiftly and professionally."

This deal rounds off a great 2023 so far for the MS Lending Group, lending over £53m with sights on a further £30m before the end of the year.

Michael Stratton, CEO, and founder of MS Lending Group, said, " For a loan of such substantial size, not many lenders would have been able to accept a re type of two previous valuation reports. However, with our knowledge, understanding and experience we are able as a lender to say yes to the quirkier deals and find a way to get comfortable. Our Relationship Manager, Amer, showed huge insatiability, understanding what the client and broker needed to achieve. At MS Lending Group we pride ourselves on always listening to our clients' needs, and not having fixed parameters which create a barrier to lending.”

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