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No valuation on residential, commercial and semi commercial property up to £500k

Updated: Jan 23

After entering the market in January 2021 with a no valuation upto £500k on residential property product, we have now extended this to commercial and semi- commercial properties too.

Our aim is always to look for ways to help the customer, especially those in time sensitive situations. With valuation turnaround times longer than ever, as well as amazing feedback on our no valuation on residential properties product, we are enhancing the customers journey even further with this new offering. Especially those looking for quick completions or who are up against it in term of time frames on an auction purchase.

Managing Director, Rob Goodall, ‘The appetite for the no valuation upto £500k on residential properties has been so strong for the business, we’re really pleased to be able to offer it across commercial and semi-commercial properties too’

The process allows MS Lending Group to be able to move even quicker in the market providing offers within hours of receiving an application.

Our outlook across the board not just commercial just shows we're constantly adapting and being agile to the customers wants and needs. We understand their pains in the bridging market as a whole and if we can make this a better process for them then we will. We will always do all we can!

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