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MS Lending Group have completed their 100th deal

Updated: Jan 23

List of pictures of all cases that MS Lending Group Has completed

Having launched the business with a niche product of no minimum loan size, and no valuation necessary upto £500k, we have recently completed our 100thdeal. The business funded its first deal just short of a year ago. Since then we have continued to grow and grow, hitting record figures in terms of loan sizes and fundings each month.

Founder and CEO, Michael Stratton, said: “This is a great achievement for the team, and I am really proud of all of the amazing work they have done to hit such a milestone. The last 12 months have been unprecedented and I am happy we have been able to facilitate a clear gap in the bridging market for so many clients through our easy approach and speed to bridging finance. From £50,000 to £1.5m deals, all are equally important to us as a company and our clients definitely know that!”

As business demand continues to grow MS Lending Group is set to add an additional four people to the team in the first quarter of 2022, it is just one of our many big wins.

“It’s been a great year but in order to continue to work at the speed our clients need, and the service they expect, it is important we grow the team to facilitate the amount of business. We’re really looking forward to 2022.”

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