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International Women’s Day: How We Inspire Inclusion at MS Lending Group

For International Women’s Day 2024, we are joining the global initiative to inspire inclusion with a particular focus on highlighting how the women within the MS Lending group have found their journey into Finance.

Having been recognised for over a century, International Women's Day which was first celebrated in 1911 is a collective global force of activism committed to forging women’s equality. 

Although a lot has changed since 1911, IWD is still important to recognise the ongoing challenges women face within certain industries compared to their male counterparts.

Finance, for example, is often not considered a likely career option for many girls and women weighing up their future career prospects due to the industry being perceived traditionally as male-dominated.

Inclusion at MS Lending Group

At MS Lending Group inclusion runs deep through the values of our business and is something we champion year-round, not just on International Women's Day. We prioritise creating a supportive and empowering environment where every member feels valued and respected, irrespective of gender.

By continuously investing in the growth and development of our female employees alongside the rest of our team, we are strengthening the service that we offer our clients year-round, building a team of experts in their fields.

Hear from our Team

This year for International Women's Day we asked the women on our team to reflect on what it means to them to be a woman in finance. Here is what they had to say...

Bridging Finance often feels like the big boys club, and I admit when I first entered the industry in 2021 after having my first child, I felt some serious imposter syndrome. But I focused on my strengths, and what I could bring to the business and industry.  I've focused my motivation on helping to demystify the world of bridging through clever marketing and brand building. I love my role in the senior leadership team at MS Lending Group, and it is irrelevant that I'm a woman, I'm here to get sh!t done. Alexandra Stratton, CMO

Being a woman in finance involves joining an industry where female empowerment is gaining momentum. It means challenging stereotypes and championing equality. Whilst networking can be challenging at times, fostering relationships is paramount. There are opportunities for personal growth and empowerment, and by achieving success, we set an example for other women in finance and newcomers at MS Lending Group. Aimee Everton, Senior Business Processor

Women are natural collaborators and can offer a pragmatic approach to decision-making. It’s important that women are given the same opportunities as men and not held back by their personal circumstances.  By creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, we can pave the way for success. Alice Birtwell, Executive Assistant to CEO

The underrepresentation of women in finance brings about challenges, however, as a collective group supporting each other in this industry, we can drive a positive change, giving us the opportunity to make a difference. Each day we can push ourselves and others to make a positive contribution, supporting one another to break the stereotype and thrive as women in finance. Izzy Robbins, Assistant Asset Manager

Being a woman in finance means I am actively contributing to challenging the stereotype of the finance industry as being predominantly male-dominated. Each day, I am increasingly amazed by the resilience and capability of women as we actively confront these stereotypes, We are demonstrating our competence in male-dominated roles. Working alongside other fearless women in the industry fills me with excitement and motivation, knowing that together, we are challenging expectations and making meaningful strides towards gender equality. Ellie Kenworthy, Business Processor

Being a woman working in finance I have gained a sense of empowerment as our industry, like many is often male-dominated. Now, women can seize opportunities, break through barriers, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable industry. I feel like my knowledge and skills are recognised and make a genuine difference in the workplace. Beth Kellett, Internal Relationship Manager

Joining the finance industry as a newly graduated student, at the time was a little overwhelming. The corporate world seemed male-dominated, and I often found myself wondering, how would I ever find my feet. My incredible team have shown that gender is irrelevant, we break boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and most importantly help each other learn and grow. Being a woman in finance means that our voices are now heard and differentiated views are valued and rewarded. We can achieve whatever we set our minds to and I’m proud to say, that I found my feet. Fay Cripps, Asset Manager


So, this International Women’s Day we are celebrating the women in the MS Lending Group team who continue to offer a fast and reliable service for our clients through their unwavering dedication and expertise.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do here, or get in touch with us today!

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