Testimonial from new clients in Falmouth, Cornwall

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

"So today I got the keys for our new property and project in Falmouth, Cornwall. I’d like to begin by stating that I genuinely believe that without Michael Street and his tenacity to get this over the line, that I wouldn’t be in the position I am in terms of owning the property and being in a position to redevelop the building."

"The property itself was fraught with complications, not least at is it an unregistered freehold, converted into 3 x flats, without much paperwork and the owner unfortunately passed away during the Covid-19 outbreak, hence many other lenders and brokers promised the world in terms of getting this deal done, and I personally spent many man hours dealing with various brokers, lenders and financial advisors on the phone, only for the deal to fall through for one reason or another. I can honestly say that dealing with Michael was a breath of fresh air, he was readily available on the phone – both taking calls at all hours, and very responsive via text message, which really helped us as small scale builders in a remote area in Cornwall whereby email access isn’t always the preferred communication method." "I’d also like to say that I enjoyed dealing with Michael, he is very straight talking, knowledgeable about the bridging process and he understands the conveyancing process in detail, which can be a bit of a puzzle at time, again this combined knowledge and eagerness to work with us as a client helped up hugely in terms of getting our deal over the line and I don’t think it would have happened without his input – so from behalf of myself and my other half Tila we’d like to thank him."

"In addition to the above alongside Michael, we’d like to thank both Pete Stott and Molly Stott who acted as our brokers and again, their knowledge in addition to Michaels really helped us out with this and I can see that there could be a bright scope in terms of future ventures and we personally would not hesitate to work with all of them again for our next project/s as they unfold."

Thanks again,

Craig and Tila.

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